WTF is a CSA?

It seems like acronyms are everywhere anymore, but one you might be hearing around the local foods scene is CSA. CSA stands for community supported agriculture and normally means boxes of vegetables, but did you know we offer meat shares as well?

A vegetable CSA is normally paid for in the middle of winter, and entitles you to a share of the produce that year. So if a farmer has a good year, you get lots of produce. In a bad year maybe you don't get as much. Either way it lets the customers share the risk with the farmer and gives the farmer literal "seed money" in advance. Also you generally get an assortment of produce, which might mean a lot of one thing.

With our meat CSA we let you choose what you want to get, and when you get it. Our system is a market share system, meaning that you're putting money on account to be used later. This is great for us because it gives us money up front to pay for things like feed and butchering. With beef we can have a cash outlay upwards of $2,000 per animal before we see any income coming back.

This model also has advantages for you. During the regular market season it means that you can get meat without having to remember to bring cash with you. In the winter you can get meat delivered to town without us having to jump through more legal hoops. When there's snow on the ground it's a lot easier for us to come to you than for you to drive out here! Also you get to pick what cuts you get and when. So if you want all of your meat as ground beef one pound at a time. If you want to support us and get a freezer full of beautiful steaks all at once, we can do that too!