Sheep Volleyball

Have you wondered why we appear to have volleyball nets strung all over the farm? We're not getting ready to send our sheep to the next Olympics; the nets are actually woven electric fence for rotational grazing.

This fence is called Electronet, and is sold by Premier 1 Supplies in Washington, Iowa. They sell versions of this fence for everything from keeping chickens in to keeping bears out! We have several sections of this fence that we use with a solar energizer for things like temporary fencing, moving animals, grazing different areas, or (like the picture above) penning rams far away from the ladies between breeding seasons.

The energizer we normally use on this fence looks like a little steel suitcase with a solar panel on one side, and packs quite a punch. At this point our animals are trained enough that they generally never touch the fence, but younger animals or hairy ones can be hard on a fence if they don't get a good zap the first time around. Our ram actually bit down on the fence this spring, guaranteeing that he'll never go near it again. Both dogs have also touched it and will now go half way across the farm to avoid getting close.

If you come to visit us at the farm (and we hope you will), please be sure to ask which fences are electrified. Everyone's day will be better if you don't find out the hard way!