Till the Cows Come Home

Last week a neighbor stopped by to let us know we had "a few cows out of the fence". Having a houseful of company from out of state and more on the way, I was desperately hoping that this would be a quick endeavor. Anyone who's ever dealt with livestock knows how wrong I was.

"A few cows" turned out to be 13 of our heifers, plus at least 6 from the neighbors' farm down the hill. Their heifers had found a downed spot in the fence and came for a visit, luring all of our girls out of their pasture. The whole crew had then gone for a hike through the corn field, then fled back in to the woods when they saw us coming. Apparently when I told Jim I liked long walks in the evening I should have been more specific!

In a truly horrifying moment, the same neighbors had more heifers get over the same fence a few nights later- WHILE they were picking up the three that had ended up in our pasture during the first roundup.

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