Call the doctor!

We had the intrepid Dr. Amanda out this week to do a little preventative maintenance on the herd. The new Normande heifers got ear tags so we can tell them apart, Rose got a pedicure, and everybody got vaccinated and poured.

Pouring involves a dewormer and a mite treatment literally being sprayed on the backs of the cattle. Everyone got vaccinated for Blackleg (which is carried in soil, especially in wet years) and tetanus. The lady cattle also got their pre-calving vaccines, which help them pass immunity on to their calves.

Rose had a back toenail that hasn't been wearing down correctly, which was causing her problems walking. Dr. Amanda put some muscle in to it and filed it down so that it will stop crossing. She declined painting Rose's hooves, so I guess we'll have to wait on that.

One exciting development is that our herd is finally big enough to justify using the tub chute. Dr. Amanda said it's a bit more challenging to tow, but it sure made working these girls easier! Normally we work cattle from a pen in the barn, which can get pretty dangerous, as several people have to go in the pen and convince them to walk in to the chute. Since most of our cattle outweigh us by about 800%, nobody has been really excited for that part of things. With the tub chute there's a sort tub attached with a built in gate, which means you can just make the tub smaller until they have nowhere to go except in to the chute.

The cooler holds all the medicines and dosing guns securely. Dr. Amanda had a can of soda, which I think was fairly full of cow spit by the time we were finished. She also confirmed that she drinks several hundred flies a year. She didn't seem overly enthused about all the free protein, but she's pretty tough.

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