Oh baby!

March means lambing at Prairie’s Edge! This year we’re expecting lambs from 40 some Katahdin hair sheep ewes.

Part of why we selected this breed is their ease of lambing. Our ladies are excellent mothers, routinely having and raising healthy twins and triplets. Ideally our only involvement in lambing would be taking cute pictures and applying ear tags.

Our lambs get their bellybuttons dipped in iodine at birth to help keep things sanitary, they get a shot of vitamin B if they need some perking up, and we make sure they’re all getting a great dose of colostrum from their mamas. Colostrum is the very first milk that’s produced, and it’s so full of antibodies and good things that it tends to be almost a gluey consistency.

Our lambs stay on their mamas for at least 8 weeks, getting a vaccination to protect them from several diseases along the way. We never feed antibiotics to our meat sheep, which means that it’s even more important that everyone gets vaccinated to keep them safe. Every animal gets an ear tag at weaning, and then they go out on great pasture to spend the summer enjoying the best sheep snacks in the Driftless!

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