Meet Rose!

We're starting a new feature on our blog to introduce you to some of the most famous animals on our farm. Since she thinks she runs the place, we'll start with Rose!

Jim's family milked pure-bred registered Ayrshires in a stanchion barn for the better part of seventy years. Rose is the granddaughter of one of the cows that was sold to a neighbor when the herd was liquidated in 2009. Jim's folks bought her in 2011 and she was given to us as an engagement gift in 2012.

Rose is basically a 1,200 pound cat, incredibly friendly, and more opinionated than any cow really needs to be. Her real contribution to the farm comes in the form of being a fantastic mama. In her first lactation she fed 6 calves, 2 on her second lactation, and she's currently feeding 2 big bull calves.

Rose's hobbies include jumping in straw piles, escaping to eat apples in the orchard, and destroying rolls of paper towels.

We now have 3 generations of Rose's family on the farm, including her daughter Ivy and granddaughter Briony.

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