Changes Big and Small

So, as most anyone who has seen me recently knows, some exciting (and really unexpected things) have happened this growing season. After three years of doctors and heartache, we were blessed to find out this spring that we'll be adding the fifth generation to our family farm in December. We're still going strong on the farm and at market, but our attendance at some of the winter markets may be a bit touch and go. It'll be a noisy 2017 season at market, as three vendors are expecting new helpers this fall and winter. I've been assured that kids who grow up coming to market learn to count and talk to folks sooner, so we'll be looking forward to that!

We've also added several new critters this summer. This pretty girl on the left will be added to our mama brood cow herd when she's weaned, helping us in our transition to more beef genetics and fewer purchased calves. We've found that our calves raised on their mamas are healthier and more "well-adjusted" than calves we buy in, meaning even fewer health interventions and more happy days spent on grass!

In the sheep flock we're quite well pleased with the new ram we bought this summer. Having spent much of last winter and this spring looking for a replacement ram we were blessed to find a source of great genetics and mentorship just over near Mason City. Better genetics means nicer meat faster and will help us move toward our goal of being full grass-based with our lambs, rather than grain finishing them.

Demand for our meat, especially lamb, has massively (and wonderfully) exceeded our expectations this summer, but we're doing everything we possibly can to stay caught up so you can stock up on all your favorites. When you stop out for the Farm Crawl September 17th and 18th, please take a moment to think fast growing thoughts at our animals!

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